We determine the problems, expectations and logistical needs of our business partners and produce solutions that will provide the highest transformation to the business activities of our business partners. In order to offer our quality, healthier and cost-effective solutions to our business partners, we closely follow the developing storage technologies and integrate different automation solutions into the loading and transport processes. In this way, we use less manpower both to increase productivity and to manage daily demand variability more flexibly and with lower cost. Our storehouses within our warehouse service are located in the same facility as our free warehouses. Thus, the products of our business partners are transferred from our storehouses to our free warehouses without any cost and in very short periods.

 – In our storehouse management process, we work with security and fire safety systems in compliance with international standards to provide 24/7 protection.

– Products are fully insured against all hazards, including earthquakes.

-With the warehouse management software prepared by the IT department of our company, all processes from the entry of the storehouse to the exit of the storehouse are carefully planned, managed and reported. Each stage of operations carried out in our storehouses can be monitored simultaneously by our customers on our web page and our customers can check the stock status of their products.

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