As Su Lojistik, we took our first step to logistic sector by exporting our carpets which we produced in Turkey to Russia. Seeing the deficiencies in the logistics sector in those days, our company, looking from the perspective of manufacturer / exporter, has become a logistics company that can bring innovative solutions to the logistics sector.

Shortly after we set up our investments in Turkey and Russia on the logistics, these investments were followed by our investments and partners in many countries. As a company always looking from the eyes of the exporter and importer and considering the needs of our business partners, we determined our position in the sector in a short time. Our company is growing day by day in the logistics sector with our young and dynamic team. We continue to work to provide an error-free service by integrating innovation in all of our activities with following the technology closely in accordance with our motto “Logistics beyond expectations and integrating innovation into all of our work, and we provide transportation, customs clearance, consultancy and agency services to many countries in the world, especially to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Turkish Republic countries.

We would be pleased to see you as our business partner.